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involved in being a victim here, it's something i'm going to ask to make sure we focus on heavily. >> this happened steps away from shops and shop owners admit visitors do ask about safety. >> they ask sit safe to walk here at night? i tell them yes. but you never know at night. you have to be guarded. >> and at night, shop workers close down and leave together for safety. >> this is a neighbor that is close by. we try to close later. you know? >> this solution some say might be to patrol at night as much as they do during the day. >> this just very just, uncomfortable feeling people
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can't walk out any hours and get assaulted. >> and this suspect faces several charges, one false imprisonment. and one including raping his victim while unconscious on some substance. and police say work in this case will continue. >> and this search is on for a gunman after police say he shot a innocent student in a rage. >> i spoke to friends and family of the young man. they say that the 22-year-old ed win martinez was a happy person, selfless, there for his family and friends. and there is a passion about soccer and he was a great guy
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but last night sh his life ended tragically. >> he just wanted to be one of the kids that did something with his life, especially growing up in our kind of neighborhood. >> sabrina speaks sadly about her boyfriend that lived in this apartment. the 22-year-old had been in his car with his sister. and police say another car zoomed past. >> it appears there is a loen shooter shooting at another vehicle. >> this shooter apparently gave up the chase then turned to martinez car. the shots missed martinez's sister, he was hit and died at the scene. they were just about to leave for san pablo. family and friends tell us he wanted to receive a certificate to become an auto neck nick he started teasing
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because he didn't want disruption he wanted to focus. you know? on school to better himself. >> martinez's close friend was at the aapartment just before the shooting. >> no one should have to think this might be my last day on this -- it's a zoo out here. >> there is also disbelief that someone could just take a person's life for no apparent reason. >> i can't understand how someone could do this. i mean, if you couldn't hit the car you were trying to hit why take someone innocent? what did that person do to you? he didn't do anything. he was going to school. >> and police are investigating and apparently they have nothing. they do say they need the public's help.
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>> thank you very much. >> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi told the mayor he will not step down from office despite legal troubles. he's set to stand trial on charges of domestic violence against his wife. and during the meeting this mayor expressed concern about how he will carry out his duties as sheriff. we spoke with him immediately afterwards and he says he is staying put because the case will not interfere with ability to carry out his duties. >> this is important i speak to duties i've been ascribed to do and to continue to do that. >> he says he will not take pay during time spent in trial. >> a gas main folked eek evacuation of some areas
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today. the fire department evacuated more than a dozen homes for 45 minutes. and firefighters stood by while workers patched the main. and. >> and the number of california homes going into foreclosure dropped in the fourth quarter of 2011 to one of the lowest levels in years. reality tracking company data quick reports the 61,517 notices were recorded state wide from october through december and that is the lowest since the second quarter of last year and second lowest since 2007. and analysts say it's too early to tell if numbers bottomed out. >> economy will be the chief topic of the president's state of the union address tonight that begins in less than an hour two, bay area residents
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are seated near the first lady. there is maureen p.o.w.el jobs, widow of steve jobs invited for her work on several programs including college track, an after school program she founded in 1997 and there is mike kreeger, the founder of instagram, and has 15 million users. you can watch the state of the union address life here on abc 7 starting tonight at 9:00. >> a proposal to set new fuel economy standards doubling current requirements was explored in san francisco today. this calls for an increase by the year 2025. average today is 27 miles per gallon. and supporters believe cleaner
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cars would reduce oil consummation. bhu the national automobile dealer association saying it would make buying a new car too expense yif and related to advanced fuel technology, car manufacturers making big invest manies to make cars better for the environment. >> this event is called future cars and technology. there is a panel going on inside now and the real stars of the show are here on the lot. >> the buzz is not how fast, but there is one technology -- no one technology winning the race for fuel efficiency. >> they're exploring number of alternative systems including
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as you know hybrid. fuel cells. and electric car autos advanced technologies are now becoming more familiar. there is all electric, hybrid and a natural gas by honda burning 25% cleaner than gas. mercedes-benz offering ape hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that you can only get knit los angeles where there are fueling stations. >> the price for this is $849 a month. it includes maintenance and insurance. >> every manufacturer will tell you they're using cutting edge ideas to improve gas efficiency but many doubt if they'll meet much-talked about federal standards of 54 and a half miles per gallon by 20 25. >> those inside of the auto
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industry say the goal might be possible but it will be a push. >> we have simulations showing we can get there but it's optimizing everything within the vehicle. >> car makers say without a clean winner, the race is now to perfect a number of different technologies. >> this is better fuel economy. in the end, benefiting environment. >> the research does add to cost of a vehicle but whether it's lithium ion batteries or hydrogen fuel cells more it is adopted less expensive it becomes. >> and a lot more still to come here. uncertain future for california's proposed high speed rail project. >> i'm sandhya patel. dry, warmer for wechbls i'll
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let you know if rain will reenter the picture. >> and thank you. and later on oscar nominations are out. there is a local flavor and the news continues in one minute.
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opponents of california's high speed rail were told they can begin collecting signatures for a ballot measure. the state auditor released a blistering report today calling the project increasingly risky. she says construction relies on washington paying for 80% of the costs only guarantees $13 billion. >> with rail projects this is really from the general revenues meaning rail projects swril to compete with other
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issues like defense, and education. >> the state auditor says revenue projections relie on what they she says overly optimistic ridership. >> hundreds of people supporting a domestic workers bill of rights rallied today outside of the state capitol there are about 200,000 domestic workers in california. the bill making it mandatory for them to receive lunch, rest breaks as well as overtime and workers comp. >> women would not be able to go to work since they do the bulk of the child care. and people who take care of business at home. they're denied protections. >> opponents say it would increase the cost of hiring a domestic worker.
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>> and school district will decide whether to bring in drug sniffing dogs to patrol high school campuses after a big spike in the number of drug cases. if approved drug-sniffing dogs will patrol school parking lots as well as school lockers, critics say it's a violation of privacy. >> and california announced today no one died from whooping cough last year, very good news after the previous year, 2010 in which the disease reached epidemic levels. death of 10 inmants fants sparked a massive campaign to vaccinate against this disease. number of total cases fell from 9,000 to 3,000 last year so, a terrific trend. 2010 marked first time in 20 year nose one died from whooping cough in california.
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>> moimo yeez coming together to help a patient who happens to be one of their hone. this nurse needs a urgent bone marrow transplant. today, work workers went in for a simple cheek swab and hopefully they can save her life. this doesn't always require a painful operation. >> if you work out to be a match 80% of the time it's done through blood stem cell donations like a blood donation that takes four hours long. >> kathy is not alone in needing the transplant. there are seven thousand people waiting for a match. >> oscar nominations came out today and "hugo" led contender was 11 nominations. >> there is a dash of movie
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theemz. here they are in order. >> including best actor and best director. academy like that's. >> they're not going to be interested in meeting your grandparents. >> the honor includes best actor george clooney peem tell me i'm very odd. >> loud and close stars young thomas horn of piedmont. "the help" with those amazing performances. and the director was shut out. hugo leads the list calling
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for self preservation, another cause. >> there is a magical "midnight in paris" is another personal favorite. >> what is your biggest fear? >> a baseball will be hit in my general direction. >> monday. >> and monday ball brought a best actor nomination for brad pitt and this is a visual feast but confusing and war worse but there are other nominees worth mentioning. glenn close playing a woman playing a man. and gary oldman for his portrayal and lots hear it for san francisco's ilmz best
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visual affects dark as the moon. >> this surprise nomination for damion deshere. a snub, too, for leonardo dicaprio. you'll find a complete list on our web site. >> thank you. >> and the 84th annual academy awards will be handed out on sunday. starting at 5:30 p.m. you can watch it here. >> the most-watched evening begin was the road to gold a preview at 12:30 followed by then the big show. >> and you can down load our new app right now and this gives you lividdo from red carpet during the show.
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>> there is a link for you on abc 7 >> and on to weather forecast. things changed. yes. >> there is mid winter dry spell. nice change of pace. we're going to see warmer conditions and nice looking weather out there. looking at the live picture from our ski resorts, we're seeing more white on the ground. several feet of snow fell over several days and they're not expecting snow soon. if there is a chance it's okay to travel up there. there is turning mostly cloudy skies thursday. there is a few lingering clouds out there. we'll see fog forming.
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there is pretty uniform across the bay area, partly cloudy tonight and there are milder days with highs near 70 degrees in areas so beautiful weather is ahead if you like this dry pattern. it's going to be with us for a while. there is this area of high pressure starting to build n for time being we're going continue to see clouds. storm track stays north and this is shifting northward. then, things will start to change. as a ridge of high pressure builds in, the front goeses through. there are temperatures rising for wednesday. tonight they're dropping into upper 30s where we'll see fog. there is 44 in antioch.
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43 san ma ao. there is 46 in half moon bay. and tomorrow afternoon, we'll call it sunny side up. temperatures into 60s foremost of the bay area. there is 66 in santa rosa. there are a few blips of green there. there is mid 6 ows in fremont. around the bay temperatures will be into mid to upper 60s tomorrow, blue skies there. 67 in santa cruz. there is a look at the accu-weather forecast. numbers into 60s for wednesday and thursday. and there is a dip friday. but you can see the sun is out. by saturday, approaching 70 degrees around the bay. still comfortable and you'll
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notice cloud cover. one computer model wants to bring in the rain until tuesday evening. we'll put in clouds and we'll wait and see as we get closer. >> thank you. >> and still ahead you can call this a giant announcement. >> there is
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[ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy.
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and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy dinner. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. school night ideas made easy. there is a special appearance tonight from larry beil. big news. >> starting with big news and good news in san francisco and giants. >> when timmy signs i come out. and there is tim lincecum will reup for $40.5 million. timmy asked for $21.5 million a year, came close to getting
5:25 pm
that amount. this pays him $18 million this year, $22 million in 2013. another $500,000 as a signing bonus, that is just like funny money for him. and now, big boy three time all star fielder signs a nine year, $214 million deal with the tigers. and that is almost $24 million per year. and looks like raiders zeroed in on their next coach. may be dennis allen. and the 39-year-old has been with the broncos just one season but helped turn an awful deagainst into a solid group prior to al and broncos allowed 29 points in 390 yards
5:26 pm
per game. jumping to 24 and 20 and that is from 23 to 41 and there will be the first defensive oriented coach hired since... i'm forgetting... >> john madden. >> there is. >> i wish my guidance counselor told me about major league baseball. >> still to come, honoring world war ii heroes. >> a tribute to the t
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today is tuskegee airmen day in san francisco. >> in honor of seven original tuskegee air men. >> they were recognized this afternoon for

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